{X} Can we seriously talk about how awesome Mark handled that guy coming towards him? Mark was seriously uncomfortable with this guy (It was a prank, this guy was no real threat to Mark but he didn’t know that), the guy admitted to taking Mark’s phone number from some paperwork Mark filled out to go to this ‘shoot’. Mark realized that the guy had access to his social security number too. 

Mark was extremely uncomfortable. But, when this ‘fan’ came at him as fast as he did Mark took a defensive stance and firmly said “No. Stop.” he didn’t get violent and he didn’t turn and run. And in the video, Mark holds that stance until the ‘fan’ is visibly being taken away from him. 

This is pretty much the definition of I AIIIIIIIINNN’T HAVIN THAT SHIT.

I’d also like to add this nice little comment

I fucking love him so much its no joke he’s just such a genuinely good guy like I don’t even care if you don’t like his humour but you see all the shit he does for charity and how well he handles being around people… Mark is just great





best thing i learned working with and learning about kids: when they do shit like this, especially to something they themselves use and enjoy, leave it there for as long as possible. let them return to the fun thing over and over again so that it sinks in that the thing they did was wrong, they ruined something, and now they can’t have fun because of it and they should never do it again. it teaches them consequence of action and cautiousness.

i did this with a 3-year-old kid i babysat who filled his playstation with peanut butter before i got there, just every time he went back to it and asked why it’s not working, i opened it and pointed to the peanut butter stains and said “you did that” and he says “yeah”, “will it work like that?” “…no”, and when he got it and promised to never put anything but games into a game machine again, his parents bought another and he kept his promise. it works, even at that age.

this was a long and unnecessary rant but so many times i’ve seen parents IMMEDIATELY replace their kids’ toys/electronics that they destroy over and over again and i’m just like NO THEY’RE NOT LEARNING ANYTHING THAT WAY 

they also don’t learn from being thrown into fires

yeah but they’re quieter that way